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Lee Whitfield

Speaker | Investigator | Educator

With close to twenty years of experience as a digital forensic investigator in my native UK and in the USA, I have established myself as a leading expert in the field. And a highly sought-after speaker. Here are some highlights of my career:

  • Created and managed an awards show for fifteen years
  • Organized and ran a cyber camp for teenagers
  • Appeared on TV and radio to discuss my work
  • Educated, trained, and delivered speeches on various topics, including online safety, cybersecurity, digital investigations, eDiscovery, and social issues impacting the tech industry.
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Evidence Generation X

Forensic 4:cast Awards - 2017

MAC Times, Mac Times, and More

Forensic 4:cast Awards - 2021 (VR)

The Gadget Show (UK)

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“Lee Whitfield is one of the smoothest speakers I have heard in my two decades in DFIR. His delivery is unique in that he takes advanced concepts and makes them digestible.”

“I've gained a lot from Lee! The best instructor I ever seen in my life. I highly recommend my colleagues take training with him.”

“I appreciate Lee sharing his real-world stories of cases he's been involved in.”

“What I learned in Lee's class helped me relate to my every day job and continue to build my skills.”

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